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A Stranger In My Home

Emma Lee,
why did you leave
me here all alone
A stranger in
this empty place
that I call my home

No one else knows
what to even say
Bittersweet are
my memories
because you didn’t stay

I want to go
away from here
so I can be with you

This life means nothing
With you
is where I’d choose

I know that you
had to go
it was your time
And I hate that when
you left me here
Parts of me
also died

I’m not the same
though I smile
and try to carry on
And now
I’ll always be
a stranger in
This place
I call my home


I miss you grandma. RIP.




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I recall the chrysanthemums
the way they congregated
around the wire border

Every summer
they would ascend
from naked dirt

On their day
When the sun
conquered the horizon

Awakened by natures essence,
collages of orange and red
arranged perfectly

As if they were painted together
A grand production
performing in unison
just for her

How my grandmother
loved her chrysanthemums


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