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What Mothers Do

When I awake
I go to you
to make sure
you’re still there

You vanishing
into the night
it is my worst fear

I kiss your cheek
thanking the gods
for another day with you

Happy I am allowed
another morning
to do what mothers do


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Review: A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World by Kimberly LaRocca


October 16, 2011              Posted by Stephanie under Other, Poetry






A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World by Kimberly LaRocca reflects on times of  love, friendship, bitterness, desire, anger, joy,  loss, forgiveness and determination.

I first read A Black Girls Poetry for the World from beginning to end, slowly, savoring every word, and then I read it again in no particular order.  At this point, having read Kimberly’s poems several times each, I know where to turn when I need it and am still discovering something new at each return.

What I found to be particular amazing was the way the some of the poems could completely change their meaning depending on if I was reading it as how it relates to myself vs. reading it while keeping in mind the voice of the the black girl.

Kimberly LaRocca is a talented poet.   There is so much understanding and enjoyment to be gained for the reader and I recommend Kimberly’s poetry to girls of all ages and races.   A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World is a collection of poems to be revisited time and time again.





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Review by C.C. Cole – A Black Girls Poetry for the Wor


Review of “A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World” by Kimberly LaRocca



A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World” by Kimberly LaRocca is a collection of insightful poems addressing many levels of the human existence, from pain, to love, and to everyday living. What I really enjoyed are the large messages delivered by so few, easy to read lines, and minimizing of clichés.  I recommend this to anyone that either reads poetry often, or to novel-readers looking for a romp into creativity that’s refreshing and inspirational.  Five Stars!

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The Better Prize

The outer beauty that we see
Is only a façade
A trick used to confuse the mind
Although it seems quite odd

We tend to judge
Those that we see
On outer beauty alone
But what lies inside
The better prize
Should crown our lovers throne

This mortal life that we live
Can be so short and sweet
We turn away
And in our haste
It passes instantly

So open up your foolish eyes
Ignorant to what’s inside
So easy to believe a lie
And miss out on the better prize


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