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Long Ago

He never knew how much I loved
the way he smiled at me
Or that my heart fluttered
with just a glance
and seemed to skip a beat

How I held my breath anticipating
he would speak to me,
then daydreamed about the two of us together
One day, eventually

How I wrote his name inside a heart
scribbled on my book
Aspiring to be the one he saw
and not simply overlooked

How many days and nights I spent
longing for his call
Praying that he’d realize
we were meant to be after all

Our world I built inside my head
a place for just us two
Where love was wise and not a lie
playing my heart for the fool

A paradise designed by a mind
wishing my dreams to reality
So long ago
how I loved him so
in my fondest memories


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In the Deep of Morning

As shadows dance
in spirited unison
during the predawn hours
I reach for his hand

Certain he will extend his
in tandem
Our marital covenant
unrivaled, fathomless

Though interrupting his slumber
his fingers brush against mine
gently caressing my hand
Our brief distance narrowed by
delicate linen sheets of emerald and blue

In contentment we smile
unbeknowst to each other
surrounded by tranquility
in the deep of morning

© Kimberly LaRocca 2012


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What Mothers Do

When I awake
I go to you
to make sure
you’re still there

You vanishing
into the night
it is my worst fear

I kiss your cheek
thanking the gods
for another day with you

Happy I am allowed
another morning
to do what mothers do


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Let Me In

Let me
seduce you with my words
Make love to your mind
Conquer your thoughts
Invade your dreams
We can text if you like
Just a word or two
Enough to entice your senses
Leave you wanting more
Hanging on my every

Let me talk to you
Tell you how amazing
That I can see
what the world
wants you to be
What you’ve always been
Deep down inside
Where your true self lies

Let me help you climb
the mountain
you’ve been struggling
so hard to ascend
I know you can do it

Try it this way
Close your eyes
Look to the sky
and say
I believe I can do anything.


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Goodbye Friend

I’m sorry to say
the time has come
for me to let you go

Your drama has become
too much for me
and I can no longer cope

The love I have
for who I am
won’t allow me to stay

I fear I’d loose
pieces of me
if I remain
another day

I wish you the best
in all you do
and whatever you become

from this day forth
I’m bowing out
our friendship is done


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Bidding Farewell

This year
I can say that I’ve had
some of the
best days of my life

Expressed the things
I needed to say
made every wrong right

Arrived to a better place
from where I’d previously been
Said my piece
face to face
bid farewell to bitter endings

Happy that I have moved on
from where I use to be
Loving the life that I was given
Now happy on my journey


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You loved me yesterday.
Then I was
the best thing
since sliced bread.

Your moon
earth and stars.
There was no one else.
I was
your universe.
The only person
who understood you,
loved you,
the one
you lived for.

we were one.
I was the end
to your beginning,
the pea to your pod,
love of your life.

we are no more,
a distant memory
of yesterday.


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I want to just be quiet
Become overwhelmed by silence
mull things over a bit
think about my wants and needs
differentiate between the two
decide why what should be isn’t
how what is came to be

I want to do nothing
halt any progression taking place
not say yea or nay
refuse to make a choice
and select the wrong path
I just want to sit
be quiet
and listen


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A Stranger In My Home

Emma Lee,
why did you leave
me here all alone
A stranger in
this empty place
that I call my home

No one else knows
what to even say
Bittersweet are
my memories
because you didn’t stay

I want to go
away from here
so I can be with you

This life means nothing
With you
is where I’d choose

I know that you
had to go
it was your time
And I hate that when
you left me here
Parts of me
also died

I’m not the same
though I smile
and try to carry on
And now
I’ll always be
a stranger in
This place
I call my home


I miss you grandma. RIP.




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