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In the Deep of Morning

As shadows dance
in spirited unison
during the predawn hours
I reach for his hand

Certain he will extend his
in tandem
Our marital covenant
unrivaled, fathomless

Though interrupting his slumber
his fingers brush against mine
gently caressing my hand
Our brief distance narrowed by
delicate linen sheets of emerald and blue

In contentment we smile
unbeknowst to each other
surrounded by tranquility
in the deep of morning

© Kimberly LaRocca 2012


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What Mothers Do

When I awake
I go to you
to make sure
you’re still there

You vanishing
into the night
it is my worst fear

I kiss your cheek
thanking the gods
for another day with you

Happy I am allowed
another morning
to do what mothers do


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